Pivoo Utility V2.1.0

Pivoo Utility is the plugin that is used to add certain utility functions. currently it adds 4 main things

  • A standardized way for Pivoo Plugins to define and get NoteTags.
  • A standardized way for Pivoo Plugins to create objects from Plugin Parameters.
  • A standardized way for Pivoo Plugins to load files.
  • A standardized way for Pivoo plugins to time and execute animations.
  • A standardized way for Pivoo Plugins to call the closing event of the Nwjs Window. Deprecated in V2.0.0
  • An Array Function to pull a random item from said specified Array. Deprecated in V2.0.0

Get the Plugin Here


  • V2.1.0
    • Added config category
    • Added config.load function
    • Added config.load to plugin.load
  •  V2.0.1
    • fixed a compatibility issue caused by people loading their notetags within the DataManager.isDatabaseLoaded() function.
  •  V2.0.0
    • Utility Plugin Majorly upgraded
    • Remade Plugin Loader function
    • Remade notetag loader function
    • Edited the parameter parser to be a bit cleaner
    • removed the random array function
    • Added file Loader function
    • Added Animation Interval and timeout functions
    • Added Deep Object Merging function
    • Added
  • V1.1.1
    • Fixed a bug where if getSrc doesn’t find the plugin, it throws an error
  • V1.1.0
    • Changed loadParameters to a promise
    • added a blacklist to parameters
    • added a loadPlugin function(loads both notetags and parameters; and shoves it into an object(entity))

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