Skill Categories V1.0.0

 Skill Categories allows you to create categories for your skills.
 For example, say for the magic skill type, I want 4 categories

(Destruction, Restoration, Illusion, Conjugation)

this way, games with a significant number of skills can stay organised.
one of the special things about this plugin is that categories are nestable.
For example; we can do…

     Destruction ▪ Anima ▪ Fire ▪ Fire III

This Plugin Requires Pivoo’s Utility

Get Plugin Here

  • The ability to add categories to your skill window.
  • The ability to do multiple categories withing eachother
  • The ability to set which skills appear in said categories based on javascript.

How to Use

So, any skill with the Category notetag(specified below) is considered a
category. Any skill that is designated will instead of acting as a Skill, will instead open up into a list of different skills. These skills can be  categories or skills. On top of this, there is the Category Show notetag(specified below) that will allow you to use a javascript evaluation to determine whether or not to show a specific skill inside a category.

(do note that this does not apply for the base skill window, and for that I would suggest Yanfly’s Skill Core)

 We can also set in the parameters whether or not the skills need to be learnt first.

Skill Notetags
    Skill Id
    Stype Id

 Sets a skill as a category, and determines what Skills to show inside the
 Category. There are two things that you can type here.

    Skill Id
this will add the skill here that the Id corresponds to in the database, 
for example say we put “Skill 8”(by default heal). If we click our category, 
skill heal will show up in the category.
Id this will show all the skills of a corresponding skill type.(magic,special,ect),
so, say we want to have a magic category. 
We can type “SType 2”, and all our magic skills will be added to the category.


<Category Show>
     return condition
</Category Show>

This determines if the specific skill will be shown inside a category. The condition is a javascript call. For instance, say we want a skill to only show if the user’s magic is above 100, we would type…

<Category Show>
      return user.mat > 100;
</Category Show>

(do note that this does not apply for the base skill window, and for that I would suggest Yanfly’s Skill Core)


  • V 1.0.0
    • Plugin Released.

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